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[sticky post] Sticky: TOU

General TOU
You may download anything and use them in your game freely.
You may use them in stories, contests, photos, whatever you want.
You may include any meshes that  make (I haven't yet) in your recolors or edits.
You may not post anything I have made and claim it as yours.
You may not upload any of my things, or any edits of my things, to any paysite or the exchange, or as a donation on any website.
You may edit, fix, or recolor anything I have made as long as you give credit for my work.

That being said, I just want to keep anything I've made off of paysites (ew), and a little credit. Otherwise, enjoy!


New Year's and Sims Resolutions! (2015)

Let me start by saying what a wild ride this past year (2014) was for me and my family. To kick things off, I was nine months pregnant when my baby's father (my fiance at the time) came home from Japan on a deployment in the Marine Corps. On January 20th I went into labor, on the morning of the 21st we headed to the hospital where I was induced, and perhaps someday I'll be willing to get into the details of my 42-hour-abnormal-labor. On the 22nd, her due date, my babygirl Emma was born! Thwn her father went back to Japan when she was 12 days old. I started working again in March, working full and half days in childcare. In April, my ex and I broke up. This November I started seeing someone and spending more time with friends again, finally. Emma turned one yesterday, and let me tell you she is smart and crazy! I couldn't be happier. This year has been quite the expirience. unUnfortunately, between the lack of disk drive on my laptop, work, and Emma, I had very little time for sims.

That leads me to one thing: my sims resolutions are pretty much the same ones as last year.

1. Install the game on my laptop, or on a computer that I'm hopefully going to buy later this year

2. Re-install all of my downloads into my new game, and keep them organized

3. Take the time to go into bodyshop and make all of my texture files into actual recolors, and share them all. (There are currently over 2,000 of them sitting around...)
- PU sweaters
- PU hospital gowns
- CU pj bottoms
- CF undies
- CF pj dresses
- AM baseball T-shirts
- UF peggy bandannas
- UF new bandannas
- UM new bandannas

4. Mesh! A shoe swap, maybe?

5. Finish "Ava"

6. Finish "I'm Already There"

7. Enter at least 3 contests or challenges

8. Play a legacy family for at least three generations

9. Update with a download at least once a month (not counting the months before I get my game back up and running)

10. Update with a story or pictures at least once a week (again not counting the months before I get my game back...)

Here's to a good sims year!

As for regular old resolutions:

1. obtain my CDA- in order to become a certified preschool teacher

2. Make Emma's second year incredible!

3. Get some type of transportation. (My car broke in May.)

4. Do something with my car... scrap it, sell it, fix it? Whatever.

5. Buy a reliable phone charger and case.

6. Obtain a computer that has a disk drive and can run my sims.

7. Finish draft1 of my novel.

Bandannas for the Hairless!

Well, the previews are... well, cruddy little cropshot previews... but I promise these bandannas are much nicer than my old ones, they actually have texturing!
I bring you many bandannas of the Leafy, Camouflage, Apple, and Zig-zag variety, as well as a few random others. Credit to theraven for the base PSD that she generously shared with me for recoloring, and colourlovers for most of the patterns, although one or two came out of google somewhere and to be honest I've had them for so long I don't remember where they originated... (oops.)
Mesh on Peggy or at the booty

*Warning, one or possibly more of these do not show as bandannas for toddlers, but rather as a headband-type-thing with tails on it. But frankly I didn't notice until I was testing and still thought it was cute, so I left it. If it bothers you, it's an easy alpha fix and they're back to normal, but like I said it really doesn't bother me...

Long BandannaCollapse )

Next comes regular Bandannas, I made these from scratch, just using the mesh and the alpha edit to remove hair... The mesh used is an all-age fix for the NL bandanna, but its also BG compatible, and the toddler ones don't link to it the way most hairs do. I would make the toddler ones to match if I had NL, but I currently don't.

Get the mesh enabled for BG and all-ages.
These ones are only available for children-elder.


Short Bandanna PreviwsCollapse )

LINKS! The most important part!
26 Long Bandannas

5 Short Bandannas

Next time I'll just do swatches.... Swatches are actually less time consuming that cropping everything.
These scrubs are navy/dark blue on the bottom with patterns on the top simply because that's the required uniform dress of the hospital I use for the shots in both Ava, and I'm Already There. They also all have grey sleeves- same reason.
Anyways, on with the previews:
More Scrubs!Collapse )
There are a plethora of patterns, all from colourlovers or some free patterns for gimp :) And- all child-friendly. Just in case you have  a pediatrician in need, like I do.
Also the pants have grey seams (just because I felt like being different and made them that way), and the tops have navy/dark blue seams, so they "match" the bottoms. ;)

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